Upcoming shows
Date Event Venue City Time Map Notes Tickets
02/23/18Half Moon PointPoint Pleasant, NJ9:00pmMapWinter at the Shore
02/24/18Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/23/18Rittenhouse HotelPhiladelphia, PA9:30pmMap
Past show archive
Date Event Venue City Time Map Notes
02/17/18Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/27/18Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/13/18Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/06/18Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/05/18The Logan InnNew Hope, PA7:30pmMap
12/16/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/09/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/07/17Rittenhouse HotelPhiladelphia, PA8:30pmMapLibrary Bar
12/02/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/30/17Live @AloftAloftPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania6:00pmMap
11/11/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/04/17Full Moon House ConcertYardley, PA7:30pmMapPerry Brody opens
11/03/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/27/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/13/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMapFriday the [email protected]
09/09/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/02/17SharkFest 6Private Party1:00pmMap
09/02/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/27/17The LocalPoint Pleasant, PA3:00pmMap
08/26/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/18/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
07/28/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
07/21/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
07/16/17Black Potatoe Music FestRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ4:00pmMapAlso Sunday: Ellis Paul, Willy Porter, The Sharar Sisters, Spook Handy
06/30/17Wine & Music NightsOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ6:00pmMap
06/24/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
06/23/17Friday Night LiveCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap
04/08/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/01/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/25/17Wine & Music NightOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ6:00pmMap$5 - Requests and refills recommended
03/04/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/12/17Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ12:30pmMapValentine's Wine, Chocolate & Acoustic Love
02/10/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/04/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/29/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/15/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/07/17Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/17/16A Very Cagno ChristmasJarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/10/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/03/16Private Party7:00pmMap
11/26/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/05/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/21/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/01/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/17/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/03/16SharkFestV...Private Party2:00pmMap
09/02/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/28/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/20/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/19/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/13/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/07/16Sangria SundayHawk Haven Vineyard & WineryRio Grande, NJ4:00pmMapsplit bill with John Beacher 4-7pm
07/23/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
07/22/16Friday Night Music SeriesCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap
07/17/1620th Annual Black Potatoe Music FestivalRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ4:00pmMapalso appearing: Ellis Paul, The Sharar Sisters & more
07/15/16Friday Night LiveStockton MarketStockton, NJ6:00pmMapNo cover
07/09/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
06/25/16Private Party7:00pmMap
06/24/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
06/18/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
06/04/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/28/16Piazza Patio! Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/21/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/18/16Private Party12:00pmMap
05/14/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/30/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/23/16Private PartyTBDMap
04/16/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/09/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/05/16Private Party5:00pmMap
04/04/16Your Local Note Vidcast7:30pmMaplive webcast interview
04/02/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/26/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/23/16Opening for Casey Alvarez & FriendsHard Rock Cafe PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA8:00pmMapNo cover
03/20/16Galleria gives backCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ1:30pmMapJohn Beacher plays 11am-1pm
03/19/16Singer Songwriter Cape MayThe MarqCape May, NJ9:00pmMapTunes2ya showcase
03/19/16Live with Liz ShayWCFA-LP 101.5 FMCape May, NJ9:40amMap
03/16/16Pat Foran's Songwriter ShowcaseHavanaNew Hope, PA7:00pmMapwith Pat & Charlotte Berg
03/15/16Tunes2ya Presents:Tin AngelPhiladelphia, PA8:00pmMapwith Charlotte Berg & Eric Scott
03/13/16Live on-air guest on The Folk Show with Ian ZolitorWXPN 88.5FMPhiladelphia, PA8:00pmMap
03/12/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/05/16PA*NJ Radio Prallsville Mill Music MarathonPrallsville MillStockton, NJ3:00pmMap10am-11pm!
03/05/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/20/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/06/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/04/16Philadelphia Music Co-op Presents:Bourbon & BranchPhiladelphia, PA7:00pmMap
01/09/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/02/16Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/19/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/12/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/05/15Private Party6:00pmMap
11/20/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/13/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/07/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/17/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/03/15Inaugural Slick Toth Band JamLebanon Township Memorial ParkCalifon, NJ11:00amMap
09/20/15Heritage Wine FestivalHeritage VineyardsMullica Hill, NJ1:00pmMap
09/19/15PicklePaloozaIsland Beach State ParkBerkeley Township, NJ5:00pmMapGarden State Music
08/14/15The Woodstock Potatoe ProjectRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ6:30pmMapperforming Richie Havens' set
08/07/15Trenton Country ClubTrenton, NJ6:00pmMapwith Billy Dominick on Fiddle
08/01/15Piazza JarrettownJarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
07/12/15Black Potatoe Music FestivalRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJTBDMapAlso appearing: Christian Bauman, PD Brody, Linda Sharar, Ellis Paul & Willy Porter!
07/01/15opening for America!The BirchmereAlexandria, VA7:30pmMap
06/17/15Heritage Conservancy PresentsAldie MansionDoylestown, PA6:30pmMapFREE - also appearing: Davis Howley
06/13/15Groove in the Grove Vasa ParkBudd Lake, NJ12:00pmMap5th Annual!
06/12/15Friday Night LiveCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap
05/30/15Town of Clinton's 150th AnniversaryHunterdon Art MuseumClinton, NJ3:00pmMapPlaying official song of 150th anni "Clinton Times"
04/26/15Cagno & Compadres @ ShadFest 2015Elks Lodge 1070Lambertville, NJ4:00pmMapwith Billy Fiddle & Jim Popik
04/25/15Songwriters in the RoundStangl Factory StageFlemington, NJ7:00pmMap$10 - Michael Massimo, Gregg Cagno, Chris Huff, Russell Norkevich
03/28/15Live on MQ Murphy's showWCFA-LP 101.5 FMCape May, NJ10:30amMapStream @
03/27/15Singer Songwriter of Cape MayThe MarqCape May, NJ9:45pmMapTunes2ya showcase
03/26/15Acoustic NightHopewell Valley BistroHopewell, NJ7:00pmMapSuggested donation $7
03/21/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA8:00pmMap
02/28/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/15/15Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMap
02/14/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/07/15Opening for Ellis PaulThe Sumner House/Heald and ChiampaShrewsbury, MA7:30pmMapSold out!
01/31/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/25/15WinterFestOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMap
01/20/15"CINCO DE MAYO" a la Winter FestKarla'sNew Hope, PA7:00pmMap$10 in advance, $15 at door
01/18/15WinterFestOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMap
01/17/15Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/31/14[email protected]Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA7:30pmMap
12/13/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/05/14The 2014 Black Potatoe Holiday ShowThe Grand ColonialHampton, NJ6:00pmMap
11/29/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/15/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/08/14Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMap
11/08/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/01/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/24/14Fundraiser for Adult Day Care Center, Somerset CountyDolce Basking RidgeBasking Ridge, NJ6:00pmMap
10/19/14Crafts in the MeadowEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA2:00pmMapwith emcee John Beacher
09/27/14Denny Tilton's Songwriter ShowcaseSheridan's TavernNewton, NJ8:00pmMapIn the round with Denny, Gary Dillon & Grover Kemble
09/17/14Pat Foran's Songwriter ShowcaseHavanaNew Hope, PA7:00pmMapsets by Pat Foran, JB Kline & GC
09/16/14Music in the GardenPHS Pop Up Beer GardenPhiladelphia, PA5:30pmMapspecial guest Brian LaPann
09/12/14Acoustic FridaysCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ7:00pmMapspecial guest Billy Fiddle
08/24/14Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMap
08/23/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/16/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/15/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/01/14 Philadelphia Music Co-op presents:State Theatre of BoyertownBoyertown, PA7:30pmMapwith Bovine Social Club & Karmic Repair Co.
07/09/14Black Potatoe Music Fest - Worth the Wait - NJ record release partyRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ8:00pmMapAlso appearing: Ellis Paul
07/06/14Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMap
06/15/14Father's Day Music & WineOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ2:00pmMap
06/01/14Private Party5:00pmMap
05/31/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/30/14Acoustic FridaysCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ7:00pmMapBYOB
05/24/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/18/14Kovach for Congress FundraiserThe Pattenburg House Asbury, NJ3:00pmMap
05/09/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/03/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/26/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/23/14All-Original & UnpluggedHavanaNew Hope, PA8:00pmMapwith Host Pat Foran & Michael Massimo
04/12/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/04/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/30/14Sundays on StageBurlington County LibraryWestampton, NJ2:00pmMapwith Jimmy Heffernan on dobro
03/29/14Singer-Songwriter of Cape MayThe Rose RoomCape May, NJ7:45pmMapPresented by Tunes2ya
03/22/14Riverside Rhythms and RhymeSkylands Unitarian Universalist FellowshipHackettstown, NJ8:00pmMapopen mic at 7pm (signups at 6:30)
03/15/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/08/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/01/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/22/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/15/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/14/14Valentine's SerenadeGallo Rosso Flemington, NJ6:30pmMap
02/08/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/01/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/11/14Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/28/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/27/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/21/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/19/13A Very Cagno ChristmasOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMapwith friends and neighbors and wine...
12/15/13Veteran's BenefitFour Seasons Outdoor CenterCalifon, NJ12:00pmMapwith KarlJam and many others TBA
12/14/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/13/13Private Party6:00pmMap
12/07/13on the bill with MMBJohn & PetersNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
12/06/13Private Party4:30pmMap
12/05/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
11/29/13Turkey Hangover...Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/23/13Workin in corners...Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/21/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
11/16/13Private Party5:00pmMap
11/16/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA7:30pmMap
11/02/13Private Party7:30pmMap
11/01/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/26/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/24/13In the RoundPuckDoylestown, PA7:00pmMapwith Shaun Ruymen, Williamsboy & Christine Martucci
10/19/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/18/13The Claremont TavernBernardsville, NJ8:00pmMap
10/12/13Band Together for DawnCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ3:00pmMapGreat Local Music 12-9pm
10/12/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/06/13Private Party2:15pmMap
10/05/13Private Party5:00pmMap
10/04/13Moe's BistroLebanon, NJ6:00pmMapDuo gig with Carol Sharar
10/03/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
09/29/13New Hope Arts and Crafts FestivalNew Hope Solebury High SchoolNew Hope, PA2:00pmMap
09/28/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/27/13Private PartyNew Hope & Ivyland RailroadNew Hope , PA6:30pmMap
09/14/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/13/13PatioPuckDoylestown, PA6:00pmMap
09/06/13The Claremont TavernBernardsville, NJ8:00pmMapNo cover. Come check out a new NJ venue with me.
09/05/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:30pmMap
08/31/13Private Party2:00pmMap
08/30/13Gallo Rosso Flemington, NJ7:30pmMapwith Dr. John Gladdis on keys
08/29/13Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
08/29/13Rob's Loft @ Bobby Simone'sDoylestown, PA10:00pmMapguest set with Michael J Massimo
08/24/13Private Party4:30pmMap
08/22/13Concerts in the QuarryRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ7:00pmMapSupporting Peter Mulvey
08/17/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/10/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/09/13PatioPuckDoylestown, PA6:00pmMap
08/03/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/01/13Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
07/27/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
07/26/13PatioPuckDoylestown, PA6:00pmMap
07/25/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
07/11/13Black Potatoe Music FestRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ6:30pmMapalso appearing: Ellis Paul, Chris Smither
07/06/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
06/29/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMapSpecial Guest: Linda Sharar
06/28/13featuring Mionetto ProseccoGallo Rosso Flemington, NJ8:00pmMapin the round with Linda Sharar
06/27/13House ConcertAndover, MA7:00pmMapwith Linda at Chateau Sharar
06/22/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
06/21/13Pre-Fireworks Happy HourThe Lambertville HouseLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap
06/14/13Sponsored by Tito's VodkaGallo Rosso Flemington, NJ8:00pmMap
06/13/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
06/09/13Private Party12:00pmMap
06/08/13Groove in the Grove Vasa ParkBudd Lake, NJ1:30pmMap
06/08/13Second SaturdayMain Street FrenchtownFrenchtown, NJ6:00pmMapwith Carol Sharar on fiddle
06/07/13PatioPuckDoylestown, PA6:00pmMap
06/06/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
06/02/13Denny Tilton's Songwriter Showcase - 125th Edition!Sheridan's TavernNewton, NJ6:00pmMapin the round with Denny Tilton, Tom Askin and Jake Stigers
05/30/13Weekly Wine'd UpOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ8:00pmMap
05/25/13DingFest IXDingmans CampgroundDingmans Ferry, PA4:00pmMapwith Gary Dillion, John Beacher, Christian Roebling
05/24/13Private Party8:00pmMap
05/18/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/05/13Cinco de Vino Live - Jammin for Jersey BenefitOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ1:00pmMapwith Christian Roebling, Michael Massimo, Rob Viola and others
05/04/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
05/02/13three-for-thursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
04/27/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/20/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/13/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/11/13Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
04/06/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
04/05/13PatioPuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
04/04/13Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
03/30/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/28/13Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
03/23/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/20/13Beacher FeaturesRob's Loft @ Bobby Simone'sDoylestown, PA7:00pmMapfeatured set @ John Beacher's showcase
03/16/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
03/09/13Double D DancePrivate Party7:00pmMap
03/07/13Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
03/02/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/28/13Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
02/23/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/21/13Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
02/16/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/14/13 Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMapLove songs, nothin' but...
02/09/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
02/09/13Winter Groove Vasa ParkBudd Lake, NJ3:30pmMap$10
02/02/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/31/13 Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
01/26/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/25/13The Marble RoomPuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
01/19/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/12/13Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
01/11/13The Marble RoomPuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
12/27/12Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
12/23/12The Logan InnNew Hope, PA1:00pmMapXmas songs drink-a-long...Billy D. on fiddle
12/22/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/21/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
12/15/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/14/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
12/13/12John & PetersNew Hope, PA9:00pmMapOn bill with Mike Montrey Band (
12/08/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
12/06/12Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
12/01/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/30/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
11/29/12Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
11/24/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/23/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
11/17/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/16/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:30pmMap
11/10/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/09/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
11/03/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
11/02/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
10/27/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/26/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
10/21/122012 Crafts in the MeadowEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA4:00pmMapfull schedule:
10/20/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/19/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
10/18/12Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ4:30pmMap
10/13/12Private Party8:00pmMap
10/12/12PuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMapOutside Bar
10/11/12Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ4:30pmMap
10/06/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
10/05/12Middletown Grange Fair GroundsWrightstown, PA11:30amMap
10/05/12Outside Patio PiazzaPuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
09/29/12New Hope Arts & Crafts FestivalNew Hope Solebury High SchoolNew Hope, PA1:00pmMapRuns Sat & Sun 10-6pm
09/29/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/28/12Piazza del PuckPuckDoylestown, PA5:00pmMap
09/27/12Wine and Music until duskOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ4:30pmMapthe view is out of this world...
09/25/12John & PetersNew Hope, PA9:00pmMapNo cover - special guests: Tim Varvel, Billy Dominick & others
09/22/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/15/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/09/12Twistin by the pool...Private Party5:00pmMap
09/08/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
09/01/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/26/12Twistin' by the PoolPrivate Party5:30pmMap
08/25/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/23/12Rehearsal DinnerPrivate Party8:00pmMap
08/19/12BrunchSaltStanhope, NJ10:00amMap
08/18/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap
08/05/12Twistin by the pool...Private Party5:00pmMap
07/28/12Jarrettown HotelDresher, PA6:30pmMap6:30-9:30pm
07/21/12Private Party5:00pmMap
07/12/12Black Potatoe Music FestivalRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ6:30pmMapalso appearing: David Wilcox, Shawn Mullins
07/08/12BrunchSaltStanhope, NJ10:30amMap
06/24/12Doylestown Country ClubPrivate Party5:00pmMap
06/16/12Jim Rowland CoffeehouseEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA7:30pmMap
06/03/12Doylestown Country ClubPrivate Party5:00pmMap
06/02/12Auction FundraiserEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA6:00pmMap
05/26/12DingFest 8!Dingmans CampgroundDingmans Ferry, PA4:00pmMapFeaturing: Gary Dillon, Spook Handy, Christian Roebling, & MC Cagno
05/25/12Earl'sLahaska, PA6:30pmMap
05/19/12Groove in The Grove II Vasa ParkBudd Lake, NJ4:00pmMapdoing sets at 4pm & 7pm
05/19/12Private Party12:00pmMap
04/29/12Shad FestCaffe GalleriaLambertville, NJ2:00pmMap
04/27/12The Logan InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMapin the Tavern, no cover
03/30/12The Logan InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMapIn the Tavern
03/24/12Double D DancePrivate Party7:00pmMap
03/09/12SaltStanhope, NJ8:00pmMap
02/25/12Stoney Brook GrilleBranchburg, NJ8:00pmMap
02/04/12The Logan InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
12/11/11Heart's Desire House ConcertsPembroke Pines, FL6:00pmMapfor info/reservations/directions, contact Susan at [email protected] or 954-478-8637
12/10/11opener for Susan WernerEmerald ConcertsHollywood, FL8:00pmMap@ St. John's Lutheran Church, call 954 981-4141 for tix
12/03/11Denny Tilton's Songwriters in the RoundLockwood TavernStanhope, NJ8:00pmMapAlso appearing: Tom Askin & John Sheehan
11/25/11Hypothermia ~ 25 Years AfterThe Pattenburg House Asbury, NJ8:00pmMapReunion show of the old garage band...wear a helmet
11/19/11Private Party12:00pmMap
11/06/11SaltStanhope, NJ5:00pmMapSpecial Guest?
11/04/11Benefit for HomeGrownRadioNJThe Washington TheatreWashington, NJ7:00pmMap$7, kids under 12 free
10/22/11Crafts In The MeadowEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA5:00pmMapRuns 10am-6pm
10/07/11Middletown Grange Fair GroundsWrightstown, PA11:30amMap
09/24/11SaltStanhope, NJ6:30pmMap
09/23/11Bucks County Children's MuseumNew Hope, PA6:30pmMapKickoff Party for Arts & Crafts Festival
09/18/11Jim Rowland CoffeehouseEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA6:00pmMapwith Christian Roebling, Steve Burke and Matthew Simon & Jenny Rose, $5
09/17/11Music Gallop FestSnipes FarmMorrisville , PA4:00pmMapWXPN Welcomes Danielia Cotton, Jeanne Gies and Jimmy Bruno, Chris Mood of Tres Compadres, John Beacher, Drummers with Attitude, A New Perspective and me!
09/10/11Private Party12:00pmMap
07/30/11Private Party12:00pmMap
07/17/1115th Annual Black Potatoe Music FestivalRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ3:00pmMap
07/10/11Private Party6:30pmMap
07/09/11Songwriter's in the RoundBurlington County LibraryWestampton, NJ7:00pmMap
07/08/11Private Party6:00pmMap
06/19/11Private Party3:30pmMap
06/13/11Private Party6:00pmMap
06/12/11Musical Memorial for Jim RowlandEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA2:00pmMap
06/10/11Private Party6:00pmMap
06/03/11Spring into Summer ~ Art Auction and BenefitEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA7:00pmMap
05/28/11DingFest VIIDingmans CampgroundDingmans Ferry, PA3:00pmMapalso appearing: Only Footprints, Steven Kelly & Mark Fahad, Gary Dillon, Wally&Caroline&Lindsey
05/21/11Groove in the Grove Vasa ParkBudd Lake, NJ12:00pmMapalso appearing: Lelica with B.D. Lenz Jack Tannehill Kate & Paul Mace Gill & Carlos Goncalves Kathy Phillips Levi Schmidt Emily Barnes Chasing June Quimby Mountain Band
05/15/11Sunday Night Coffeehouse BenefitEarth Center For The Arts - Tyler State ParkRichboro, PA6:00pmMapFeaturing Stephen Bennett; also appearing: John Danaher, The Good
05/07/11Denny Tilton's songwriters roundLockwood TavernStanhope, NJ9:00pmMapin the round w/ Denny, Brian McArdle and Jake Stigers
05/02/11Soupçon SalonManonLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap$15 ~ includes dinner & show (Cash Only, BYOB)
04/17/11Acoustic ShowcaseKatmanduTrenton, NJ9:45pmMapw/ Christian Roebling and many others
04/02/11Spring Cleanup Weekend ConcertDingmans CampgroundDingmans Ferry, PA8:00pmMap
04/01/11Blues & Bar-B-QCity MarketLambertville, NJ5:45pmMap2 seatings, 5:45 & 7:45pm, call 609-397-2900 to reserve
03/25/11Pineville TavernPineville, PA9:00pmMap
03/19/11"Emergence" Spring OpeningJAG Fine ArtPhiladelphia, PA6:00pmMap
03/11/11Pineville TavernPineville, PA9:00pmMap
03/05/11Double D DancePrivate Party7:00pmMap
02/24/11Private Party6:30pmMap
02/14/11Valentine's @ the beachThe MajesticOcean Grove, NJ6:00pmMap
02/11/11Palm Beach IdolWest Palm Beach, FL4:00pmMap
02/09/11Acoustic ShowcaseKatmanduTrenton, NJ9:00pmMap
01/28/11Winter FestivalStephen J. Buck Memorial Theater @ New Hope-Solebury High SchoolNew Hope, PA8:00pmMapOpening for POCO
12/19/10Life In The AbstractSam's SpacesLambertville, NJ4:00pmMapopening
12/18/10Holiday Party & Open MicJAG Fine ArtPhiladelphia, PA6:00pmMap
12/11/102nd Saturday of LambertvilleSam's SpacesLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap
12/08/10Chamber of Commerce Holiday PartyThe Logan InnNew Hope, PA6:30pmMapPrivate Party
11/12/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
11/05/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
10/29/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
10/28/10The Perryville InnHampton, NJ6:30pmMap
10/24/10Women Who Rock - BenefitSam's SpacesLambertville, NJ4:00pmMap$20 Donation
10/23/101811 State Route 57Skylands Unitarian Universalist FellowshipHackettstown, NJ8:00pmMapopen mic from 7-8pm, signup at 6:30
10/22/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
10/15/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
10/08/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
10/02/10Denny Tilton's songrwriter showcaseLockwood TavernStanhope, NJ9:30pmMapwith Jack Tannehill, Denny, and Jake Stiegers
10/01/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
09/25/10Private Party8:00pmMap
09/24/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
09/18/10Private Party12:00pmMap
09/18/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
09/10/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
09/05/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
09/04/10Private Party7:30pmMap
09/03/10Fireworks Buffet SerenadeYogaphoriaNew Hope, PA7:00pmMapReservations required
08/29/10Gallery Opening PartyJAG2Ship Bottom, NJ4:30pmMap
08/21/10Joe Vadala & Friends at the AmphitheatreBurlington County LibraryWestampton, NJ5:00pmMapFree
08/20/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
08/13/10PuckDoylestown, PA8:30pmMap
07/31/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
07/20/10Hosting Acoustic Jam NightHavanaNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
07/17/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
07/11/10Black Potatoe Music FestivalRed Mill MuseumClinton, NJ1:35pmMapalso: Susan Werner, Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul
07/04/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
07/03/10Gallery OpeningJAG2Ship Bottom, NJ5:00pmMap
06/19/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
06/15/10Hosting Acoustic JamHavanaNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
06/12/102nd SaturdaySam's SpacesLambertville, NJ7:00pmMap
06/05/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
05/30/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
05/29/10DingFest VIDingmans CampgroundDingmans Ferry, PA4:00pmMaplineup TBA
05/22/10Benefit for New Hope resident RyanEagle Fire CompanyNew Hope, PA6:00pmMapwith The Quiet Men & others TBA
05/22/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
05/19/10Acoustic ShowcaseKatmanduTrenton, NJ7:00pmMapwith Christian Roebling and others TBA
05/15/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:30pmMap
05/07/10Kindle CafeLambertville, NJ7:30pmMapwith Maggie Anderson
05/01/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
04/24/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMapw/Maggie Anderson
04/24/10Shad Fest Run OffSam's SpacesLambertville, NJ5:30pmMap
04/17/10Denny Tilton's songwriter showcaseLockwood TavernStanhope, NJ9:00pmMapDenny, Mike Esposito, and Mef Gannon
04/11/10Private Party1:00pmMap
04/03/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
03/20/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
03/13/10Private Party8:00pmMap
03/06/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
02/27/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
02/20/10Sam JamSam's SpacesLambertville, NJ7:00pmMapw/ Bill Levinson & Others
02/14/10Valentine's DayThe Mansion InnNew Hope, PA7:00pmMapwith Maggie Anderson
02/13/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
02/13/10Yoga Class Love MusicYogaphoriaNew Hope, PA9:00amMapwith Maggie Anderson
01/30/10Private Party7:00pmMap
01/29/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
01/26/10Acoustic Feature @ Jam NightHavanaNew Hope, PA9:00pmMap
01/23/10Birthday JAGJAG Fine ArtPhiladelphia, PA6:30pmMap
01/15/10The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
12/31/09New Year's EveThe Mansion InnNew Hope, PA10:00pmMap
12/18/09The Mansion InnNew Hope, PA8:00pmMap
2nd SaturdaySam's SpacesLambertville, NJ8:00pmMap
Three - for - ThursdaysOld York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ5:00pmMap
Tito's Vodka PresentsGallo Rosso Flemington, NJ8:00pmMap
Private Party4:00pmMap
Old York Cellars WineryRingoes, NJ6:00pmMap
Silk icons by Mark James