The Part That Repeats – filmed in Philadelphia by FedeSK8…

Backroad Driver – filmed & directed by Christian Roebling

Butt Dialed – Live at the Rowland Coffeehouse @ Tyler State Park

Philadelphia podcast  Rhymes Against Humanity with host with the most & my old friend Adam Brodsky, a Philadelphia monster of anti-folk. We talked (a lot) about all sorts of acoustic troubadour tomfoolery and I sang a few between the blathering. Adam’s a brilliant wiseass of a songwriter, a guiness book of records holder (for gigging in 50 states in 50 days) as well as a great podcaster. Before the session I had 2 espressos in an attempt to keep up with his rapid fire interview style…*Heads up, we’re adults, having adult conversations, and there is adult language.

A Reasonable Person
A reactionary tune inspired by the rewriting of the Noise Ordinance of New Hope, PA. Dedicated to the Town Council. See full text of existing code/inspiration at: (Chapter 192)

Archived webcast of
Gregg playing at
The John F. Kennedy Center
for the Performing Arts

in Washington DC on July 26, 2002.
(He’s on 2nd, Fast Forward to 34:00)

8/21/06 appearance on ‘Horses Sing None of It’

Barron Arts Center, 2002